Reasons Why One Should Have Plan F Medicare Advantage Plan

The expense of receiving premium Medicare service is increasing steeply with every passing day. This is directly proportional to the rapid advancement in the field of medicinal science. A survey conducted by Goldman Sachs estimated almost 30% of a people earning is spent on healthcare expenses.

Insurance providers of Medicare Advantage Plan:

The Medicare Advantage Plan is sold by providing by private owned agencies. The agencies divided the plans into 10 categories. Though, nowadays only 7 types of Medigap plans are sold. The work of the Medigap is to create a bridge between the Original Medicare and the hospital bill.

The 7 types of Medicare Advantage Plan that are provided, the best of the lot is Plan F. The premium rate for the Plan F is quite high in comparison to other plans. But, once a person comes under the coverage of Plan F, he no longer has to pay any bills from his pocket.

Benefits of Plan F:

The benefits of owning a Plan F are massive. In any medical emergency, if the person wishes to get treated in foreign soil, he can get coverage of almost 80%. The other benefits of owning the Plan F are, it covers Part B coinsurances and expenses, Part A hospital and coinsurance cost for year-round coverage. The premium policy of Medigap Plan varies from agency to agency. The standard benefits of all agencies are same but the premium policies vary from company to company.


The Humana Medicare Advantage Plan is a type of insurance which is advantageary in nature. It cannot perform in a stand-alone form. The eligibility criteria for purchasing a Medigap are a little complex.

  • Firstly, the person must have a valid Original Medicare Plan.
  • Secondly, he cannot have a medical Advantage Plan coverage. Either he must wait for it to expire or he must cancel the plan and then purchase the Medicare Advantage Plan.
  • The person must attend the age of 65 years, but in some part of the country people, less than that can also opt to buy it.
  • The Medigap covers one person at a time. So, if one wishes for coverage for both his wife and himself he needs to buy two separate plans.
  • The period known as the enrollment period is when one should buy the plan. This period is also a guaranteed issue period where no medical conditions are taken into considerations.

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