Seniors can always keep their body weight in check and avoid obesity and diabetes

Seniors can always keep their body weight in check and avoid obesity and diabetes

Diabetes among seniors who have retired from employment has been closely associated with excessive gain of body weight. That is correct so get 2020 Medicare Supplement Plans @ to do something about it
Now, here comes the question, what is the association between body weight and diabetes? There is a very close relationship between diabetes and overweight. The relationship is accrued from the fact whenever you ingest food, then too much sugars are converted into fats and other complex fats. Fats have nowhere to go in our body and they will automatically be deposited into some parts of our body. Those parts include, the waist, around the heart and at the back of the neck. Secondly, when there is too much fat accumulation around so parts of our body, the body will be forced to work on those deposits as it tries to incorporate those sugars into our body system. This in turn leads to excessive insulin production to a point where the insulin producing glands fails. Such a failure means that excessive sugars may not be regulated well. That will send you directly to being a diabetic old man or woman who has just retired and does not know how to regulate his body weight hence keeping the sugars in check.

Control your weight by exercising

Exercises are things that most of the retired seniors may not want to hear about. In fact, for some, it is another additional source of stress after the menace of lack of sleep during old age. It is very crucial however, to take the exercises in a positive way given the fact that it is the best when it comes to keeping the weight of your body in check. As a seniors who has just retired, begin by making a routine exercise part of your life after retirement. Making exercises part of you will help you in perceiving it in a positive manner and not as a stress factor.

Do most of the things by hand

Your hands and feet as well as other parts where muscles are found should not stay dormant. With that fact, you need to do most of the simple things by hand. There are a number of things which you can actually do using your hands. For example, you don’t need a lawn mowing machine to do simple grass cutting. All you can do is cut the grass by hand using a slash cutter. That will help you muscles become vibrant.

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