What is The Best Medicare Supplement Plan

Picking out the best Medicare Supplement plan will be a great addition for when you get your Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. A Medicare supplement plan will cover the 20% medical expenses that Medicare does not contain.

What are the Plans?

There are standard plans regulated by the government and are designated letters A-N. Minnesota, Massachusetts and Wisconsin do not have all the standard plans. Medicare supplement Plan F is a well-liked plan, because it envelops most of the medical coverage people are seeking. Plans L and K can have high deductibles and lower premiums. Plan N will appeal to many people for its large coverage of medical expenses.

What is Best for You?

Looking at Medicare supplement plans will take some time to assess. Your health issues, family history and how much you are willing to spend on the premiums are your biggest concerns. Going online to look for what insurance companies are in your area will be very beneficial.  All the Medicare supplement plans are the same and available at each insurance company.

When to Enroll

When one joins Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B they will have 6 months to decide on a Medicare supplement plan. This is called the open enrollment period and the most beneficial time to join. Preexisting medical conditions will not be rejected and the costs of premiums will be the lowest at that point in time. Joining beyond the 6 months, 1 year or 2 will definitely increase the premium cost.

What is Not Covered?

Medicare supplement plans do not cover vision, dental, long term care, and drug prescriptions. There is a separate Medicare Part D plan that will cover prescriptions costs.

What would be Easier?

If one wishes, instead of joining Medicare, getting a Medicare supplement plan and then a separate Medicare Part D for prescriptions, one may think about Medicare Advantage Plans. You can get them through PPOs or HMOs Going to Medicare.gov would be a wise choice to see what would meet your medical needs. Seeking out your family or friends for advice in choosing your Medicare supplement plan may not be a wise thing to do. They will have different medical issues than you do and different financial means to pay the premiums. Looking carefully at all the Medicare supplement plans is an important decision and must not be hastily decided upon. Seeing which Medicare supplement plans 2018 meet your medical conditions and how much the premiums will affect you monthly budget will be your greatest concerns.

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